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The prophet Isaiah brought a message of hope and comfort to the people of his time. He encouraged the people to repent from their sins and return to God. You see the people had allowed the cares and the comfort of the world to pull them away from God. Does this sound familiar? In Isaiah 9:6 the prophet Isaiah spoke hundreds of years earlier of the coming of the Messiah who is none other then Jesus. Jesus, whose name means salvation, is God’s gift to those who receive Him.┬áJesus is the greatest gift ever given to mankind!

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Last spring, a friend of mine was telling me how his mom went into the hospital for what was considered to be routine surgery. His mother was suppose to return home the next day. During this “routine surgical procedure” the surgeon made an error causing internal bleeding. His mother had to be given several blood transfusions to keep her alive. What started out as being an overnight stay turned into a transfer to the ICU and a two week stay in the hospital to recover.

What happened? The surgery was supposed to be routine! As I meditated on the idea of “routine surgery” I realized that there is no such thing. You see all was going well until an artery that normally was supposed to be positioned horizontally wasn’t. In his mother’s case it was not so; her artery was positioned vertically and flat. The surgeon failed to notice this during the time he was closing up the area and he mistakenly sutured her artery causing rapid bleeding.

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imageLast year I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at a close friend of mine’s workplace. I was invited to give a presentation that would be a source of encouragement to a group of financial case managers. The very nature of their work can be quite emotional and stressful as they are caring for the financial needs of those dealing with serious medical issues. The topic I chose was The Gift That Keeps On Giving. I shared with them that “caring” is the gift that keeps on giving and that is exactly what care-givers do.

This year I have been invited to speak again and the topic I will be sharing is: Working Smarter To Alleviate Stress In The Workplace. Preparing for this speaking engagement and writing this week’s post all within the same few days created a bit of stress for me! So, I decided to work smarter myself. This week’s post focuses on relief from stress, not just in the workplace but in life in general.

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