Sep 11, 2013 - The Love of God    2 Comments


I just came off a business trip in Manhattan with my wife and my two precious little girls, Emma Grace and Ella. New York is quite the city. Each time we travel there I learn something new about myself. I get the “I Love New York” slogan more now then ever. It is truly a city that never sleeps. On any given day or night, you’ll find there are wall to wall people walking around. Before I knew it, we became those people.

It was a Sunday morning and I had intended for our family to walk down to Broadway and 79th Street to attend the eleven o’clock morning services at The First Baptist Church. But we were all exhausted from the packing and unpacking involved in several weeks of traveling on the road. We are truly blessed to be able to travel together on business as a family. But this was our final trip of the summer and it was taking its toll. As a result we over slept and missed the eleven o’clock service. So when we were all up and dressed I said, “Why don’t we go out for a family breakfast?” The girls were excited because in our travels I bought them each a Razor Scooter to ride. They had gotten quite good at navigating the sidewalks of New York City and they blended right in with the dozens of other children riding on their scooters.

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This is what I shared with two of the most friendliest female receptionists at my daughters’ doctor’s office. My two darling girls, Ms. Drama Queen and Ms. Independent, were making their annual back to school doctor’s visit for their physicals and shots. My wife Amy, the wisest one in our family, suggested we use the divide and conquer method on our girls. I agreed knowing our girls can cause quite the ruckus during their visits to the doctor’s office especially when it involves shots. Their personalities seem to blossom more when there are injections involved … if you know what I mean.
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Aug 28, 2013 - Hearing From God    5 Comments


Many years ago, I coined the phrase “Secret Agent Christians.” Who would of thought that years later I would be blogging about it! As I think about that, My Lord, blogging wasn’t even around then … look how far we have all come!

Well it all began on an elevator ride with a friend. We were taking the elevator up to the floor of the public parking garage where I had parked my car. Just as the doors were about to close, two other people hurried to board the elevator. I quickly reached out my hand and held the doors open so they could get on. Here’s where the Secret Agent first went into action and undercover. Prior to the two other people boarding the elevator, I was talking to my friend about the goodness of Christ. And any of you who know me, you know how passionate I get when talking about God’s blessings. Well as soon as the other two people got on the elevator my conversation turned from my zealous tone to a whisper. Wait, it gets better! The people that got on were talking with each other in a loud and boisterous way. I don’t remember what they were discussing but I do remember that it included a lot of curse words. They were brass and not the least bit concerned that we could hear them or that we might possibly be offended by their cursing. At that moment a thought popped into my head, “Why am I now whispering to my friend about Jesus?” Right away the answer came to me. You don’t want to offend these two people on the elevator … they might not be Christians. No sooner had I completed that thought, a small voice from within my mind said, Oh really! I ignored the voice and kept on whispering.
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