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Jun 5, 2014 - Family Matters    2 Comments


When it comes to child rearing, parents need to know that children quickly learn how to become shrewd negotiators … almost as soon as they learn to speak. My oldest daughter, Emma Grace’s, first word imagewas “dada.” My youngest daughter, Ella, didn’t have a first word, she went right to sentences. The first thing she said wasn’t “Mama” or “Dada” it was “I WANT THAT.” You better believe she got what she wanted. It’s important for our children to be properly disciplined when they misbehave and train them in the way that they should go. Their personal development depends on it. When a parent doesn’t take the needed time to teach and discipline their child, both the child and the parent suffer. To avoid this pitfall, parents need to know that when it comes to parenting, there are somethings that are nonnegotiable.


Whenever I say no to something that my little girls want to do, their shrewd little negotiating minds kick into high gear. I have often struggled with not giving into their negotiation tactics, but I am getting better at not giving into them by the grace of God. Our children are really no different then you or I when it comes to negotiating. In writing this post, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the times that I attempted to negotiate with God. Like, when I told The Lord if I could get myself an iMac desk top computer I would be all set. And, here I am an iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro later. None of us like to hear “no” and none of us like to have to wait for things. So why do I get so exacerbated by my children when they have a hard time accepting limits and boundaries? I guess, just like our kids, we fail or refused to consider in advance the consequences. If we, as adults, have a hard time considering the consequences, how much more do our children need us to help them count the cost?

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