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Oct 10, 2014 - Hearing From God    No Comments


It seems, as of late, packages are being delivered to our house quite frequently. Almost every other week, I come home to find some newly delivered package at the front door. Our girls love coming home and to discover a package. They’re especially excited to be the first one to find the package at the front door. Sometimes I’ll bring the package inside the house and place it on the downstairs landing. My oldest daughter Emma Grace will invariably notice the package and inquire, “Daddy, what’s inside the box?” The suspense of not knowing drives Emma up a wall and if there is a package sitting there – so much for her getting her homework done.

I remember there was a time when all our shopping was done at the stores, except for the occasional special value Amy couldn’t resist ordering from QVC. So, what happened, I asked myself?! That’s right, internet shopping is on the rise at the Wade residence, thanks to Amazon Prime. You can get two-day deliveries for a low annual fee and, of course, my wife Amy could not pass up such a deal! Now when I say, “Oh I need this or that,” Amy will say, “OK, let me check Amazon!”

In this “must have it now” generation, the thought of waiting a week or more for a package to be delivered is just too painful, folks. I think I heard that Amazon is currently testing drones that will be capable of delivering packages up to five pounds within in ten miles radius of their fulfillment center, making it possible for same day deliveries. Crazy!

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Oct 4, 2014 - Hearing From God    No Comments


It never ceases to amaze me how God, week after week, gives me messages to share through these posts. I sometimes find myself worrying after finishing a post that I won’t have something to write about for the next week. This brings me to a discussion that I had over coffee with a close friend who was in need of some Godly encouragement. During our conversation the Holy Spirit began to minister to both of us. What we discovered is that we make decisions out of fears and emotions that are based upon our preconceived notion that the outcome will turn out badly. But what if we chose to believe that the outcome will be favorable? Think about it, really! How often do things happen just the way we thought they would? Don’t allow fear to keep you from doing what’s needed. Remember, God is faithful!

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