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Nov 9, 2014 - Prayer    6 Comments

WAIT FOR IT: Answered Prayer

My wife, Amy, reminds me often that God has given me a “mobile pulpit.” Where ever I go, it seems that God sends me people in need of encouragement, prayer or a word from the Lord. I am a frequent patron of Panera Bread, my favorite coffee shop. One of the things I love about Panera is the imagecommunity atmosphere. As you sit and relax enjoying your coffee, you’ll soon find yourself engaging in a conversation with others around you. What’s great is there are a lot of people who are regulars at Panera who have become my friends. And week after week, month after month, even year after year you see these friends and have an opportunity to share in their lives.

I recently ran into one of these Panera friends. We had not seen each other in over six months. It didn’t take long for us to start reminiscing about our summer. I asked him how his son was doing. Immediately, a glow can upon his face. Joy and excitement filled his conversation as he went on to tell me that his son was getting married and had moved from New York City for a job opportunity that was far less stressful and more rewarding. I reminded him how over six months ago, we had held hands and prayed for his son. In fact, we had sat in the very same booth he was seated in now.

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