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OK, Wade In The Word readers, have you ever had one of those thought provoking moments where you are asking yourself a question but you don’t even know why the question entered your mind in the first place? That’s how the Holy Spirit often works and if you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, you’ll discover revelation into the word of God. One morning I was in the shower and I began thinking, Why do we ask God for so much but expect Him to do so little?

Now if you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ve gathered by now that there is not much that I don’t run by my wife Amy imageconcerning the word of God. So I asked her, had she ever found herself asking God for something but not really expecting to receive it. If you know Amy, you know she’s not a morning person so she just loves when I hit her up with these questions first thing in the morning. She often responds with things like, Can I at least just brush my teeth first? But as we dialoged about it, she shared something that made a lot of sense. She said I think that we ask God for so much and expect so little because we ultimately believe we are the ones that have to make things happen. It can be really hard to put as much, or even more faith, in God as we do in ourselves and others.

Later that day, Amy and I attended the ten year anniversary party of some dear friends. They decided to celebrate the occasion by having a vow-renewal ceremony and reception. The renewal was such a great reminder of the promises we made to God and our spouse on our wedding day. Probably not a bad idea for those of us who are married to do and do often. Well as we headed inside to the reception, a women behind me was talking to her son and when I heard scriptures mentioned my ears perked up. I couldn’t help but turn and join in the conversation to say that the portion of scripture she was talking about was a perfect fit for a blog post I was working on … Why do we ask God for so much and expect so little? The portion of scripture came from the second book of Kings.

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Every summer since Amy and I have been married, except the summer Emma Grace was born, we have spent a week at the beach for our vacation. When it was just the two of us, we enjoyed staying at one of the local Bed and Breakfasts. The first year we came down, our room was a tiny 3rd floor bedroom and it was about the size of a closet; just enough room for a bed and our suitcases. We didn’t mind because we spent most of our time at the beach. Now that we have the girls, we stay in a onephoto bedroom condo with a nice outdoor pool for them to enjoy. In fact, they’re swimming now as I’m writing this post. With the girls getting bigger, we’re thinking we’ll need to upgrade (there’s that word again ~ for those of you who read my last post) to a two bedroom. Funny how well-traveled kids like mine begin to voice things like … We don’t want to sleep on a pull-out sofa, we want our own beds!

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If you didn’t get a chance to read last week’s post, I hope you’ll go back and read it. It really sets the stage for this week’s conversation on the “figurative maps” we use to guide our life’s journey. And, why operating our lives off of old maps can be detrimental.

Why should we update our maps? Because the world in which we are living is ever changing and so are we. When people refuse to make those much needed changes is their lives, their growth becomes stunted. They’ll often repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Each season of life should promote new growth and growth requires healthy changes. But many of us stumble at the thought of change because it takes time. Change is often a slow process that many of us aren’t willing to go through. We have become a people desiring immediate results, instant gratification no matter what the cost. But most of us want to change … to grow into something better then we are now. We sometimes just don’t know what map to use to get there.

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