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Jan 26, 2015 - Faith, Hearing From God    6 Comments


In my youth, I was never much of a reader. But now, in this season of my life, I have found great enjoyment in reading. Whatever I read, whether it is Christian based or not, I always sift it through the Word of God. Recently, I read a book called Fresh Air by Chris Hodges. This book taught me the importance of allowing God, through the Holy Spirit, to breathe fresh air into our lives. In chapter thirteen, titled A Friend Like No Other, Chris Hodges shares the Holy Ghost Story of the “fresh air” that the Holy Spirit breathes into our lives. Chris explains that Peter, being a disciple, was close to Jesus and his friend. Peter should’ve known Jesus better than most. But when Jesus was arrested and on trial before the Jewish leaders, Peter failed to live us to his own words. What I took away from this amazing book is how often we imagethink we know something when in all actuality we don’t. I began thinking, I guess “you don’t know until you know.”

I love asking my children stuff that may seem ridiculous to ask a child – but they offer such great insight. One day I was sitting on the couch with my seven year old daughter, Ella. I wondered if she could shed some light on that thought that had been circling around in my head … “You don’t know until you know.” So I asked Ella what she thought that means. She rolls her eyes at me with her face that says dad don’t you know that I’m just a kid and replies, “Uh, I don’t know.” Well there you go folks, it’s true, “You don’t know until you know.” Now, I didn’t stop there. I went on to ask Ella if she knew how to do a back handspring, something she’s really wanting to be able to do. Ella says, “Oh yes, Daddy, I know that.” But when I asked her to show me, she told me I can’t do it but I can tell you how. She went on to describe, in detail, all the steps to do a back handspring. That got me thinking that knowing and doing are two different things. That’s something we all have to learn and Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, is a good example of that. He thought he would never leave Jesus or turn away from Him.

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Jan 17, 2015 - The Love of God    4 Comments


Is God looking into your life? The answer to this question is emphatically, yes! God is looking into the lives of every single one of us … everyday. God sees who we were, who we are and what we will become. In other words, He’s interested in our past, present and future. The Bible is rich with stories of people’s lives; defining their state before they knew God, their state after having an encounter with God and most importantly, their future state to come.


For some of you who have not read the Biblical account of Job, it is a must read! The Book of Job begins at a place in Job’s life where he is already walking with God. There is not an account given in the Bible of Job’s life from the beginning. But we know all people have an encounter with God and a choice to make about following Him. We know that Job must have made the choice to follow God because God describes Job as blameless and upright. Read more »

Jan 7, 2015 - The Love of God    5 Comments


About this time last year, I wrote on the topic of making New Year’s resolutions and why we tend not to keep them. This year, I meditated on what a new year means to me, it dawned on me that New Year’s is a time for new beginnings. It’s a time to refresh yourself for the upcoming new year. To use a computer term, it’s a reboot.

Right around New Year’s, we had some friends over and I was sharing with my wife and our friend how this year I want anticipate receiving blessings from The Lord. I asked them what they were hoping for in the new year. My wife, Amy, shared that she would like more quality time with the family. Our friend shared that she wanted to be more connected to family and friends. I then added that I wanted to enjoy life more. I find it interesting that these blessings we all anticipated dealt with life and relationships – not possessions.

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