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Dec 19, 2015 - Faith, Spread The Word    5 Comments

Happy Birthday, Billy!

Today, December 19th, is Billy’s birthday!

I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing my husband to see another birthday. When I think back over the past year and all the people Billy has helped, prayed for, ministered to, encouraged, cried with, encouraged, challenged, spoke to when no one else did, put before himself, not gave up on, loved sacrificially … the word that comes to mind is FAITHFUL. Billy truly is a FAITHFUL man of God!

Revelation 20:10 says Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life.

I pray that God gives Billy many years of life and good health on this Earth and that he will continue to be FAITHFUL unto the Lord all the days of his life! May his example be one to follow and I hope this simple post encourages you to walk with God faithfully today and always.

God is faithful

I know it would mean a lot to him to hear from all of you FAITHFUL Wade in the Word readers by way of a birthday wish!