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Feb 28, 2016 - Communication    2 Comments


WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? My girls, Emma Grace and Ella, will often say that when my brother or my brother-in-law come through the door.  It drives me nuts because it’s not said with a friendly sound of delight.  Rather, it sounds somewhat rude to me imagewhen these little kids are questioning an adult.  In thinking about this, I have discovered something new about language and the importance of how the proper tone  usage in our everyday conversations can make all the difference in the world . It’s really not tone usage that is new to me.  It’s the understanding of how tone can be missed used or abused.  I remember growing up as a child hearing my grandmother say, “Don’t you use that tone with me boy!  I brought you into this world and I can take you out.”  That was grandma’s way of saying don’t be disrespectful and I was headed for a good old fashion spanking.  Grandma, known as Miss Annie, raised me with all the love a mother could give and then some.  I learned from her that you are always to respect your elders whether they were relate to you or not.  You were always to be respectful and raising your voice as a child to an adult was a BIG No, No.

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Feb 1, 2016 - Faith    4 Comments


Every day that you wake up is a day from God.  You may wake up filled with pain, grief, sorrow and hurting; all you want is for the pain to stop.  Trust me God knows it.  He still loves you and He cares for you more than you know.

Have you ever consider that when you came into this world it was through someone else’s pain.  The pain of a mother giving birth to her child.  Even though she knew the cost of pain, she was willing to bare it, endure it, to bring her child into this world.  She did it even though it would mean unbearable pain.  And yes, even the possibility of her death.  

So what is it that gives us the strength to bare the unbearable pain that most certainly comes with life?  Love, we do it all for love time and time again.  For love of family, for the love of a friend, Oh! Let us not forget for the love of life itself.


The wisest man in the world once said, “All is vanity, a chasing of the wind.”  Many scholars have made attempts to interpret what Solomon, King David’s son, meant by a chasing of the wind.  I heard it’s been said that his words were spoken out of great depression.  I believe now that he shared these word out of great love.  A love for life, the kind of life that only God can give.  The same God that gave him His wisdom.  

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