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As you read this, I want you to do this one thing.  I promise that once you do what I am about to tell you by faith in Jesus, it will energize and revolutionize your perspective on THANKSGIVING.  Here it is …


Things that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that GOD is the only one who helped you out of a difficult time, blessed you, rescued you, etc.

I’m challenging you to give it some serious thought.  To go beyond the knee jerk responses of He woke me up, He gave me life.  Don’t get me wrong; I am not minimizing these things at all. I just know from my own experience that these were my responses when I didn’t want to really put much effort into my thinking.  If this isn’t you, by all means go there!


My prayer for you and me is that the Lord Jesus Christ will help us to give Thanks To God In Adversity.  Whatever the circumstances, we are to give thanks unto the Lord our God for He alone is good.  My point today is that being thankful is a condition of the heart not our circumstances.  It’s in your praise.  Notice that I said give thanks img_2179while IN adversity, NOT FOR adversity.  You see as a child of God you can praise God while facing difficulties because you know that you are not alone. God is with you, praise Him for His faithfulness right now!  It’s In Your Praise.

Because praising God while you are facing adversity will give you an entirely different perspective. It is impossible for anyone to give thanks to the Lord and complain at the same time.  One of the other has to flee, either the praising or the complaining.

Have you noticed how so many people are habitually ungrateful these days. It’s as if they are strangers to happiness or  what I really mean is strangers to JOY.


16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstance; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

That right God’s will is for us to be THANKFUL regardless of our circumstances why, because he is our joy, the joy of our salvation.  Amen

The ability to REJOICE is not tied to your circumstances but to your CHOICE. Don’t get me wrong I fully realize that there will be times when we all get discouraged but don’t allow discouragement to be your go to.  Don’t stay stuck in discouragement.

One of the most rewarding and greatest privileges of being a Christians is that we have this capacity to give thanks regardless of what has happened. It is easy to rejoice when things are going your way, but as children of God we can rise above any situation to thank God.

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

If we truly know this then why are so many struggling to rejoice when our circumstances are not favorable?  Are you ready for this? Prayer!  We don’t pray hardly enough and when we do pray, we need to be asking God for His will to be done in our lives.

My children are experts when it comes to being persistent when they want something from me or their mom. Even when their persistence has been for the wrong things and  reasons, we have often found ourselves giving in our two little girls because of their sheer persistence.  Oh!  If only we all were as persistent in our prayer life.

LUKE 18:1
Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.  A poor widow went before an unjust judge.  The Bible says this judge neither feared God or man, but because of the widow’s persistent he gave her justice Less she wear him out by her constantly coming to him.

The apostles knew what Thanksgiving was about.  The Apostle Paul stressed Thanksgiving.  Paul knew that many of his former pleasures were actually self-destructive vices. Paul allows every circumstance to teach him more about Christ and His will for his life. Paul learned how not to put any confidence in his flesh.


Paul wanted to know Christ, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death.

Paul was transparent with his life.  He wanted people to know the awesome transforming power that only comes from Jesus. Paul saw every problem as an opportunity to advance God’s kingdom and righteousness. In adversity Paul praised God.

One of Satan’s favorite schemes is to send something bad into someone’s life and blame it on God. If satan can get you to believe that it’s the Lord fault, he has an easier time convincing you of his next lie; that God has failed you and deserted you. He follows up on his lies by sowing seeds of doubt, “Why go on serving a God who allows these kinds of things to happen to you?” Satan’s real target is to destroy your FAITH in God. He just attacks and targets different areas for different people. Thanksgiving is a great time to recharge your faith.  If you have been feeling discouraged the best remedy is to give thanks to God in all things.

I hope that I have gotten your attention by now.  THANKSGIVING does not happen once a year, but for the Christian it should be everyday of your life.  God’s word reminds us that IT’S IN YOUR PRAISE NOT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES!

God bless and have a joyful Thanksgiving!

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Where did the summer go?  We spent Labor Day Weekend with family.  As we were all sitting down having dinner, I began to share the message that I had preached on Sunday with them.  Our church is doing a Bible series on when God calls a person’s name twice like Abram, Abram or Saul, Saul.  When God calls many of us don’t hear Him simply because we aren’t paying attention or we don’t realize that it’s Him who’s calling us.   I thought of the Verizon Television Commercial as my title, “Can You Hear Me Now.”  I went on to explain how I used their slogan to segue right into my message.  My brother-in-law imageimmediately chimed in, “That’s a great introduction.  It really speaks volumes to your message.  Why stop there?  You could of gone even further and said, “God Doesn’t Call Collect” because He’s already paid the price.”  He was so right!  My next sermon was going to be on the Apostle Peter from Luke 22:31.  Peter was also known as Simon before Jesus gave him the name Peter.  Names given to people in the Bible were of great importance and would often define their character; if not their purpose or who and they would become.  God knows you by name. Read more »


One Sunday after church, my daughter, Emma Grace, came into my bedroom to talk to me.  She was getting all bent out of shape because she felt that she was purposely being overlooked for something by some other people.  Now if I felt like she was really being mistreated, I would have been all over it.  But in this case, things had less to do with Emma Grace and more to do with a dysfunctional situation.  And, I sensed that Emma Grace’s dissatisfaction was out of a selfish spirit.  She was passing judgement on someone else without knowing it.  It is so easy for us to pass judgement especially when we believe that someone has wronged us and without knowing all the facts surrounding the circumstances. So after she was done ranting about this somewhat trivial situation and her somewhat selfish point of view, I said to her “Emma, just because other people are “jacked-up” doesn’t mean you have to be. You need to UNJACK YOURSELF!”  My wife laughed and said that would make a great blog post! I had to agree.

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “Jacked Up.”  I’ve even caught myself numerous times, saying things like, “What a jacked up thing to do or why does he or she put up with such a jacked up person.”  I wondered how this term came about?  The imagethought of a automobile with a flat tire jacked up came to mind.  Maybe the inventor of the car jack was named Jack.  Right? Wrong!  Interesting enough a car jack is used to fix something on an automobile that’s broken and in need of repairing to bring it back to a standard of road worthiness again.  This is just what I meant, when I told my daughter she needed to “unjack herself.”  She needed to examine herself and bring herself back to a place of road worthiness.  Rather than cruising down the road of judgment she needed to get on the road of self-examination which is exactly what the word of God tells us to do.  The Bible cautions us against passing rash and harsh judgement onto others.

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