Jun 27, 2013 - Spread The Word    12 Comments

Welcome to Wade in the Word!


Welcome to Wade in the Word!  This blog has been a long time in the making and an answer to prayer.  As a servant of God, with a pastor’s heart, I meet and talk with many people through the course of everyday life: the waitress at the restaurant while having lunch with my brother, a mom at school while picking up my daughter, the mechanic servicing my car, a cashier at the local grocery store, and countless others. God has allowed me to minister to so many people by listening to them, encouraging them, and sharing God’s word with them. These encounters richly bless my life and I see first hand the power of God. But these are often just brief encounters … leaving me wanting more time to share the goodness of the Lord … and those I am talking to wanting more time to hear from The Lord.

Anyone who knows me knows when you talk to me your going to hear what God has been showing me in His word. One day I was talking to a friend who suggested I start a blog to share my insights, thoughts and messages. Around that same time, my lovely wife came to me with the idea of starting a blog as a way of ministering to people I meet in everyday life as well as friends and family. Both of them have stayed on me about this blog and I’m counting on them to be among the first to post comments.

It is truly an honor for me to be used by God and I am excited to have a way to share the goodness of The Lord with anyone who visits this blog. I hope you enjoy my my future posts … Be on the look out for my next one “God’s Mercies Are New Every Morning.”

The Lord bless you and keep you!

Billy Wade